275 Main St.

Captain Willard Building

PO Box 389

Charlestown, NH 03603

Dedicated to a higher standard

To contact us:


Fax: 603-826-5767

Email: team@grabedentalhealth.com

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George H. Grabe D.M.D.


In October of 2007

Dr. Grabe

celebrated 35 of practicing Dentistry in Charlestown.


Thank you to all of our loyal patients who

 appreciate what we do!


Our office is located

 in the beautiful

 Connecticut River

Valley at the corner of  Main and Elm Street in Charlestown, N.H.

We are proud of

Our community.

Services provided


à          Periodontal recall appointments.

à          Prophylaxis hygiene recall.

à          Nutritional counseling.

à          Tobacco counseling.

à          Oral hygiene instruction.

à          Periodontal treatment.

à          Whole mouth reconstruction.

à          Crowns.

à          Bridges.

à          Implants.

à          Cosmetic dentistry.

à          Composite and Amalgam restorations.

à          Dentures.

à          Treatment and all metal partials.


Seeing patients of all ages.

Always accepting new patients.


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